PNE Amphitheatre
Across the city, nowhere captures the culture and essence of Vancouver quite like the Pacific National Exhibition. Come on down for a visit and experience all Canada’s historic venue has to offer for yourself!

Pacific National Exhibition

The PNE Amphitheater is part of the Pacific National Exhibition (PNE). PNE is a non profit organization that operates an annual 15-day summer, 10-day winter fair, a seasonal amusement park, and indoor arenas in Vancouver. The PNE fair is held at Hastings Park from mid-to-late August through early September and in the middle of December.

The organization itself was established near the turn of the century in 1907 as the Vancouver Exhibition Association. It organized its first fair at Hastings Park in 1910 and was later renamed to PNE in 1946. And at about this time, a number of additional facilities were built on the PNE grounds including the Pacific Coliseum, the PNE Agrodome, and later, the PNE Amphitheater.

During the mid-20th century, a number of facilities were built on the PNE grounds, including Pacific Coliseum and the PNE Agrodome. In 1993, the amusement park adjacent to the PNE, Playland, became a division of the PNE.

PNE Amphitheatre History

Since the PNE Amphitheatre was opened to the public it has had a history of hosting a massive variety of events ranging from community events, comedy shows, and commercial concerts from the biggest names in music. These shows attract thousands of visitors at every show from Vancouver, nearby provinces, and guests from the United States and other countries. The venue is staffed with some of the best service providers in Canada with training in making unforgettable experiences that are sure to leave you smiling even long after the show comes to a close.

Since 1910, the Pacific National Exhibition Amphitheatre has played host to a huge variety of events, from sporting tournaments to cultural events to music concerts, and, of course, the hugely popular yearly Summer Fair! Now the PNE is the biggest youth employer in British Columbia, as well as hosting the longest running and most-attended annual ticketed event in BC. Many events of cultural and historical importance have taken place here – from the Beatles’ famous live performance to the historic Miracle Mile. From miles around, people journey to Vancouver to attend the most anticipated events in all of Canada!

What’s it like at PNE Amphitheater?

To start, you have to remember how much of a treasure the venue and the PNE in general is to Vancouver. With over 100 years in service, the venue and its facilities have a place of honor in the hearts of locals. So the venue treats the place and its visitors especially well compared to other outdoor venues. But since the focus has always been about fun, it’s still a relaxed atmosphere that will always make guests feel welcomed.

All this combines to making for an emotionally charged experience where every guest has unstoppable energy that seems to spread throughout the audience. And visiting artists and musicians can pick up on this energy and tend to play some of their most explosive concerts at PNE Amp.

And speaking of the Amp in particular, it has a special combination of impossibly cool shows and events, excellent design and acoustics, and state-of-the-art lighting and sound design to keep everyone with a great view of the events as it goes. And all while surrounded by the gorgeous view of the nearby mountain range.