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Are you ready for the hottest concerts and shows to come to Vancouver? Then you need to book your tickets to upcoming shows at the PNE Amphitheater stage. Whether you’re seeing community events, comedy shows, major concerts, or festival events, there’s always excitement to be had at the show. You could join thousands in celebrating the best outdoor live entertainment in Vancouver while surrounded by scenic views and warm and receptive staff and crowds.

PNE Amphitheater is part of an exhibition that has served audiences for over 100 years. It’s got a legacy of hosting the best of the best and welcoming stunning shows for audiences of all ages. On top of that, it hosts three multi-day festivals and fairs per year and PNE Amp is just one of their facilities.

With its stunning views of the North Shore mountains, what better setting to attend a concert than the Pacific National Exhibition Amphitheatre?? With a seating capacity of 4,500 and a total capacity of 7,000, the amphitheatre is perfectly equipped to handle the biggest of stadium shows! Head on over to the upcoming events page to see what’s on!

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