The Beach Boys at PNE Amphitheatre

The Beach Boys Tickets

PNE Amphitheatre | Vancouver, British Columbia

Are you ready to experience the musical sensation that’s sweeping the country? Then come down to PNE Amphitheatre in Vancouver Canada on Sunday 1st September 2019 to see The Beach Boys for a live concert performance. This event will delight and satisfy fans of the genre who expect to see heartwarming performances from one of the rising stars in the industry. You could join a sold-out crowd to witness an event like none other that features the astounding passion, talent, and raw star power that could only come from The Beach Boys. Come and feel the good vibrations! Book your tickets here –

The Beach Boys at PNE Amphitheatre

When is the last time you’ve been to a quality concert? I know, good music events are hard to find in Canada these days. Well, not if you find yourself in Vancouver on Sunday 1st September 2019. That Sunday, The Beach Boys will be jamming live in front of a huge audience of their die-hard fans. In one of the most anticipated events at PNE Amphitheatre, fans will get the chance to see one of the most popular performers whose fan base has been growing unstoppably in 2019. Their popularity comes at a price though – tickets for their events are known to sell out very quickly! Hurry up and get your own now!

Best known for their 60s-era upbeat hits about girls, surfing and cars, and their intricate vocal harmonies, The Beach Boys are noted to be one of the most significant bands of their ilk. One of the world’s best-selling bands of all time, having sold over 100 million records worldwide, The Beach Boys have a vast musical legacy and their 1966 album Pet Sounds is often considered to be one of the most influential albums ever made. Over the years, the band has charted over eighty songs worldwide, with thirty-six US Top 40 hits (the most by an American rock band) and four number-ones on the Billboard Hot 100 chart…

With their outstanding contribution to music history – The Beach Boys are one of those groups that are just a timeless classic and always a top performance to catch live, expect to hear all of your favourite hits and for a night of ultimate sing-along style as the crowd that you're a part of shows nothing but the biggest amount of love and excitement for this legendary band!

The Beach Boys at PNE Amphitheatre

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