Boygenius at PNE Amphitheatre

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PNE Amphitheatre | Vancouver, British Columbia

OMG, you guys! The summer will be LIT because the indie rock supergroup Boygenius is finally going on their highly anticipated The Tour! YASSSS! OMG, you guys! The North American tour is happening right after the trio finishes slaying at Coachella this spring! They're hitting up over 20 cities, including the totally coveted PNE Amphitheatre! I can't even handle how amazing this is! OMG, get ready for the most amazing indie rock concert ever on Friday, July 28th 2023! Boygenius is going to blow your mind with their incredible female-powered hits from their self-titled EP and their debut studio album, The Record! It will be epic! Their set list will be so epic, with all their chart-topping hits like "Emily I'm Sorry," "$20," "True Blue," and "Not Strong Enough." I'm freaking out just thinking about it! The Vancouver, British Columbia show is going to be so epic! Not only will Boygenius be there (squeee!), but we'll also get to see the amazing Carly Rae Jepsen and the Illuminati Hotties! OMG, you have to score tickets right now to this absolutely amazing show before it's too late! It's going to be epic!

Boygenius at PNE Amphitheatre

OMG, have you heard the news?! The ultimate dream team of indie rock has finally come together! Phoebe Bridgers, Julien Baker, and Lucy Dacus are now in a band and my heart can barely handle it! They are seriously the most amazing indie rock band ever, and they're totally going to take over the music world! This powerhouse trio is just so talented, and I can't get enough of their music! In 2018, they blessed us with their amazingness by dropping their self-titled debut EP! It was everything we could have ever wanted and more! The record totally slayed on the Billboard charts! It peaked at #3 on the Heatseekers chart and #9 on the Independent Albums chart. Yasss! And did you see that it entered not one, not two, but THREE categories in the Official Charts Company in the UK?! I can't even handle how awesome that is! And don't even get me started on the singles "Bite the Hand," "Me and My Dog," and "Stay Down" – they are pure fire!

Boygenius initially dropped a demo album through their label, Matador, in 2020! It features tracks then incoperated into their debut studio album, The Record, which was released in the spring of 2023. Fans and critics alike were blown away by its awesomeness! 😍🎢 OMG, did you hear that some music journalists are totally praising the band for being so amazing and avoiding any supergroup cliché? They're saying that the band members are like magical wizards who can combine their individual styles into a whole new kind of chemistry for each song, while other reviewers are calling the album an "instant classic"! Eeeek, I can't even handle how amazing it is! OMG, The Record is seriously the best album ever! It gave us the most amazing singles like "$20," "Not Strong Enough," and "Emily I'm Sorry" which totally slayed the charts on Billboard's Adult Alternative Airplay, Alternative, and Rock charts! The Record, has, like, over 30 million streams on Spotify! Can you believe it?! They are totally killing it! And they just dropped a new music video directed by the amazing Kristen Stewart! I can't even handle how cool that is!

OMG, did you know that all the members of Boygenius are part of the LGBTQ+ community?! I am so proud of them for being true to themselves and representing our community in the music industry! Yasss! 🌈🎢 The trio is so amazing! They're not afraid to be themselves and openly share their sexuality, which just makes me love them even more. And their camaraderie is just *a chef's kiss* – it's what brings us all that incredible music we can't get enough of! OMG, did you hear what Bridgers said?! She's like totally proud of their group dynamic! Yasss, queen! πŸ˜πŸ‘‘ OMG, she's such a brave and amazing bisexual queen! It's so unfair that she has to hide her thoughts and feelings just because she's in a straight relationship. We love and support her no matter what! OMG, did you hear what she said?! She's part of an LGBTQ+ group and she's totally embracing it! I'm so excited that she's speaking out about wanting more representation for all types of queer people. And when it comes to her band, she's not afraid to take the lead and show off her amazing talent.

Boygenius at PNE Amphitheatre

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